Frecuent questions and answers: FAQ

  1. What information does Atlaskoop compile related to cooperatives?
  2. The website compiles general, historic (over time) and territorial information on cooperatives (branches of activity, composition, etc.). Atlaskoop's differentiating element is the cross-referenced local information content that the application compiles to analyse the repercussion of cooperatives.

  3. What information does Atlaskoop compile in addition to any related directly to cooperatives?
  4. Atlaskoop contains socio-economic information alongside its information on cooperatives.

  5. Is it possible to represent more than one indicator at a time on the maps?
  6. No. The chromatic maps and the graphs only give the option of choosing a single indicator. However, the section for obtaining data provides the possibility of downloading all the information relating to a territory or the required variables at the same time.

  7. Can I create images from what I see in Atlaskoop?
  8. You have different options and programs to capture what you see on the screen and create an image. To do this, you can simply use the button “Print Screen” on your computer keyboard or use the following programmes: Xn-View or Ultra-Snap.

  9. Can I print, edit or save the graphs generated by Atlaskoop?
  10. There is no specific application to edit, print or save the graphs but there are many options to obtain the image required, for example, using the “Print Screen” button on your computer keyboard or using the following programmes: Xn-View or Ultra-Snap.

    The editing buttons operative on the toolbar cannot be used to edit the graphs or to write on them.

  11. Atlaskoop compiles many indices. Does all this information exist for all the territories in the same way?
  12. Atlas’s indicators are organised in the following way: cooperatives, population, economy, society, companies, number of establishments and macro-indicators.

    The macro-economic indices can be consulted at a European level. The remaining indicators are compiled in different levels of disaggregation.
    municipal | district | province | region.

  13. Do I need a special permit to be able to use the data and images from Atlaskoop?
  14. Just give the website in the documentation or place where it is used as a source.