Tool galery

Select a territory: This tool has two ways of selecting a territory. One uses the mouse, placing it on the chosen territory and clicking and the other uses a search engine, either by writing the name of the territory or by selecting it from the drop down list. The result will be visible: selected and in the centre of the screen.
Choose bottom for the map: Different options are offered to display as the map background, either using Atlaskoop resources or by using external web resources (openstreetmaps, Yahoo, Microsoft).
Show data: By placing the mouse pointer on a territory and clicking on it, you will obtain all the data on this territory in a new window. The data can be printed or saved in your computer as Excel files.
Save the contents drawn on the map: Save the contents drawn on the map.
Configure the appearance of the map: Selects the type of map that you wish to display (chromatic, pie chart, bar chart) and different parameters for the view (colour palette, colour of the edges, etc.)
Give color and print mute maps: Puts within reach the ability to print maps dumb. Select and color and paint over the map, the legend will automatically update and have the option to edit it. Using the tool PDFCreator, you will have the option to create PDFs.
Save view of the map: This tool can store the view at any moment to recover it later. It makes it possible to name this view.
Restore saved view: Recovers a previously saved view with all its components.
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