About us
The Basque Social Economy Observatory (OVES) is an initiative from the University of the Basque Country Institute of Cooperative Law and Social Economy aiming to identify and measure the Basque Country's Social Economy activities.

What is Atlaskoop all about?

Based on ICTs, Atlaskoop allows users to show the real situation of cooperatives in the Basque Autonomous Community. Users will have indices at their fingertips on the world of cooperatives and the socio-demographic and economic situation.

The application offers different ways of collecting information, both alphanumerically and in statistics maps and graphs. Looking to the future, implementing the database will make this tool a significant resource for anyone wishing to know about Basque cooperatives.

Main features of Atlaskoop:

  • Database standardised by the Institute of Cooperative Law and Social Economy
  • Broad groups of socio-economic indicators (advanced level of territorial disaggregation)
  • Combination of new technologies and different Open Source resources
  • Interoperability
  • User friendly
  • Multi-lingual

Why and what for?

The Atlaskoop project works from the idea of finding out in greater depth about the real situation of cooperatives in the Basque Country. Along with the intention to promote thinking about its past, development and present, Atlaskoop has emerged with the aim of becoming the main benchmark in terms of analysis and research into cooperatives.

Looking to the future, we would like to supply Atlaskoop contents by offering a wider range of indicators with updates, application development, etc.

How are the images obtained from Atlaskoop referenced?

It is essential to refer to Atlaskoop by mentioning its website in any application and support.